11/21/22: What's new in CommunityCore & InspectorConnect?
  • 21 Nov 2022
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11/21/22: What's new in CommunityCore & InspectorConnect?

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Every two weeks, we release improvements to our systems and highlight what is new for you. The latest changes were deployed over the weekend. You don't need to do anything to see these updates in CommunityCore. To take advantage of the new feature in InspectorConnect 3.0, please make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

TL;DR (“Too Long; Didn’t Read”)

With these updates, now you can:

In Inspections

In InspectorConnect

In CommunityCore

In Plan Reviews

In Permits


Send inspection notifications to inspector's iPhone/iPad

🛑 Requires InspectorConnect to be updated to the latest version

Inspectors must have the latest version of InspectorConnect on their iPhones or iPads to receive push notifications.

When scheduling or rescheduling an inspection, you can now choose to send a push notification to inspectors so they are aware of the changes to their schedule. See how this works in InspectorConnect.

Reschedule and Schedule Inspections, schedule notification, send push notification to inspector.png

Update notification banner

On occasion, we need to push out an update to CommunityCore, and to make the update easier on you, you will now be notified with a banner message like this:
A new version of the application is available.png

Plans examiner capacity

In this update, when assigning a review to a plans examiner (in permits and projects), you will see the number of reviews currently assigned to them as well as the number of overdue plan reviews.
Sprint 23, plans examiner capacity.png

Sprint 23, Plans examiner capacity.gif

If there is no capacity line below the plan reviewer's name, this individual has no current assignments. Not all reviewers will show estimated hours available.

Project documents in a permit

When you have permits linked to a project, you will now be able to see any project documents within the permit, like this:

InspectorConnect 3.0

New push notifications

For building inspections

In this update, we added the ability for building inspectors to receive notifications on their iPad or iPhones when a change is made to their schedule. Permit techs or individuals scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling an inspection can choose to send a push notification to the inspector's device to notify them of a change of schedule.

📲 Please update your app!

Please make sure you have the latest version of InspectorConnect, otherwise, you won't receive these new notifications. Thanks!

Building inspector's using InspectorConnect:
After updating the app, you will see this. Select Allow to enable InspectorConnect notifications.

IC, inspection push notification.PNG

View how-to guide: Adjust notification settings on iPhone or iPad

Past due inspections

For building inspections
In this update, it's easier to see which inspection stops (tasks) are past due from the scheduled tasks screen or the task details screen. Past-due stops will be indicated in red.
Sprint 23, IC, past due inspections.PNG

The CommunityCore development team releases enhancements to the web app every two weeks. If you have a request for an improvement or have identified an issue in CommunityCore, contact our Support team at support@communitycore.com.

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