12/4/23: What's new in CommunityCore and CommunityConnect?
  • 04 Dec 2023
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12/4/23: What's new in CommunityCore and CommunityConnect?

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Article Summary

Every two weeks, we release improvements to our systems and highlight what is new for you. The latest changes were deployed over the weekend. You don't need to do anything to see these updates in CommunityCore.

TL;DR (“Too Long; Didn’t Read”)

Permits & Planning

Contractor Licensing


Permits & Planning

Hide Fees

We made it easier to hide fees from external users (contractors or community members in CommunityConnect) to ensure that fees aren't paid before all fees have been assessed.
Sprint 24, Hide Fees Externally, New.png

Also, any time fees are hidden and then shown again, it is tracked in the permit or planning history. 👏

📄 Read more about this feature: Hide Fees from CommunityConnect Users

Review and Upload Documents in an Application

When reviewing an external application:
When reviewing documents uploaded to a permit or planning application by an online applicant, it's now much easier to see if all required documents have been uploaded.
Permit External Application, Review Documents Uploaded.png

When entering a new permit or planning application:
Now you can easily see which documents are required for the permit or planning application you are entering and upload a document for each requirement.

Don't worry! For jurisdiction users, you don't have to upload a document for each requirement and you can still upload documents after the permit or planning application has been accepted.
Sprint 24, Permit Application, Application Documents, new format.png

Contrator Licensing

Contractors Can Upload Supporting Documents

Now, Contractors in CommunityConnect can upload supporting documents (like an updated copy of their business license, for example) to their company profile.
CommunityConnect, Upload Supporting Documents, Contractor.png

❗ Please Note: The contrator must be designated as a Company Admin to upload documents to their contrator profile.
Contracting Company, Company Admin User.png

📩 Request Notification

If you would like to receive an email notification when a contractor uploads a new supporting document to their contractor profile, fill out this quick form.

📄 How-to Guide for Contractors

Share this guide with your contractors for tips on uploading supporting documents and other actions that a Company Admin can take in the contrator profile.

More Information Collected When Contractor Registers

When a contractor self-registers, we added a few more optional fields to the application that they can update with the following items so you don't have to gather and update this information later (all fields are optional and not required):

  • Federal ID
  • No. employees
  • Mailing Address
  • Company Email Address

Sprint 24, New Contractor Self-Registration Fields.png


Share More Contact Info in CommunityConnect

Now, we can easily share more contact information for your jurisdiction in CommunityConnect. This makes it easier for your contractors or homeowners to know who to contact or where to find more information when they have questions.
CommunityConnect, Contact Button.gif

📞 Add Contact Info for Your Jurisdiction

To add or update the contact information for your jurisdiction in CommunityConnect, please fill out this short form. Thank you!

📄 Read more about this feature: Contact Button in CommunityConnect

The CommunityCore development team releases enhancements to the web app every two weeks. If you have a request for an improvement or have identified an issue in CommunityCore, contact our Support team at support@communitycore.com.


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