6/20/22: What's new in CommunityCore?
  • 19 Jun 2022
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6/20/22: What's new in CommunityCore?

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Article Summary

Every two weeks, we release improvements to our systems and highlight what is new for you. The latest changes were deployed over the weekend. You don't need to do anything to see these updates in CommunityCore.

TL;DR (“Too Long; Didn’t Read”)

With this update, now you can:

  • View passed inspection result details in the inspection card automatically generated by the system

Inspection card update

Now, as inspections on a permit have passed, the passed information will be updated on the inspection card (you can find the inspection card under Documents > System-Generated).

Sprint 12, inspections step closed.png

The inspection card will show:

  1. Inspection name
  2. Initials of the inspector
  3. Date passed
  4. "See Notes" if there are notes from the inspector added to the inspection results

Sprint 12, updated inspection card with passed notes.png

Helpful resources

Also added to the inspection card is an area for optional on-site sign-offs:
Sprint 12 inspection card, sign-off area.png

The CommunityCore development team releases enhancements to the web app every two weeks. If you have a request for an improvement or have identified an issue in CommunityCore, contact our Support team at support@communitycore.com.

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