The Planning Grid
  • 14 Dec 2023
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The Planning Grid

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Article Summary

The Planning Grid Options:

Filter and Sort

Planning grid, filter and sort.png

Customize Column Grids

Grids can be customized in CommunityCore by:

  • Adding or removing columns from your view (this does not affect other users in the system)
  • Resizing columns
  • Reordering columns in the grid

Planning, customize columns in a grid.gif

  • You can add or remove columns to the Grid to see information that is most important to you.
    Planning Grid, add remove columns.png

The Tabs

Planning Tabs.png

  • Active: Planning Applications in progress
  • Planning Work: Open workflow steps that are assigned to you will be shown in this tab
  • All: Includes all Planning Applications that are in progress, completed, voided, or expired
  • Applications: Draft Applications or Applications submitted by an external user
    • View applications needing more info
  • Active Submittals: Submittals that are in review or waiting to be reviewed
  • Delivery Queue: Submittals that are "Awaiting Packaging" and are ready to be Delivered.
  • Awaiting Resubmittal: Reviews that were marked as "Resubmittal Required" that are waiting for revised plans to be submitted.
  • Follow-Up Date: Shows any active workflow steps with a follow-up date
  • Inactive: Planning Applications that were denied, voided, completed, or have expired

Export Filtered Data from Grid

Planning, export filtered grid.gif


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