Enter and schedule Supplemental Inspections
  • 04 Mar 2022
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Enter and schedule Supplemental Inspections

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How can supplemental inspections be helpful?

Enter and schedule an inspection without creating a permit.

To have supplemental inspections set up for your jurisdiction, please email support@communitycore.com

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How to use Supplemental Inspections

  1. Click Inspections
  2. Click Actions
  3. Select Enter Supplemental Inspections
    Supplemental inspections, inspections, actions, enter supplemental inspections.png

  1. Select the Jurisdiction you are scheduling the inspection in
  2. Under Mode, select Scheduling Inspections
  3. Enter the date of the inspection
    Enter supplemental inspection modal, select schedule inspection mode.png
Inspection Mode options

Supplemental inspections, mode options.png

  • Select Scheduling Inspections to schedule an inspection only
  • Select Resulting Inspections to schedule an inspection and result it in one step

Fill out the scheduling grid from left to right (you can tab to each field). Columns marked with a * are required.
Schedule inspections, supplemental inspections.png

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