Run and download reports
  • 25 Jul 2023
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Run and download reports

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Article Summary

Choose office and jurisdiction

If you work in multiple offices or jurisdictions, you can select the office and jurisdiction you would like to run a report in.
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View Reports

From the left navigation, click Reports
Reports, all tab.png

Report Tabs

The Reports grid has two tabs: All and Most Run

  • If you don't see any report options in your Most Run tab, click the All tab to view all report options.
    Reports, all tab cropped.png

Search for a Report

To search for a report, you can filter or sort any column

  • Filter
    Filter report columns.png

  • Sort
    Sort report columns.png

  • Can't find the report you are looking for? Send us a message and we can make a recommendation!
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📊 Want a fast, "custom" report?

Try this if you are hoping to generate a more "custom" report: Export grids to a CSV file


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