Review and manage Submittal Inbox
  • 15 Sep 2022
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Review and manage Submittal Inbox

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For jurisdictions working with online clients

If you have clients that have access to submit projects online, you will manage submissions in the Submittal Inbox.

View Submittal Inbox

How to navigate to the submittals inbox, two ways.png

Submittal Inbox icons

PP icon, private provider.png Submitted by a Private Provider client
3rd icon, third party client.png Submitted by 3rd Party Client

Review submittal application

  1. Click project name to open submittal
    Open submittal in submittal inbox.png

  2. For submittal applications from a Private Provider Client, if there are fees outstanding on the project, you will see that indicated on the left side of the screen:
    Fees due in submittal inbox, private provider client.png

  3. Review submittal application

  4. View or download file(s) to review
    View or download files on submittal application screen.png

  5. Click Accept or Needs Info

If you "Need Info" and return the application

  • Enter the the info you are missing on the application and click Save
  • An email will be sent to the client letting them know that more info is required on the application
  • View applications needing info in the Submittal Inbox > Filter > Awaiting Information
    Submittal inbox, filter, awaiting information.png

Accept the submittal application

  1. Select what you want to do
    Supplemental plan reviews, what do you want to do, accept submittal.png

  1. Search for the project or permit
    Supplemental Plan Reviews, accept submittal, search for project.png

  1. Select the project or permit to accept the submittal under
    Supplemental plan reviews, accept submittal, select project.png

Sending Plan Comment or Plan Approval Letters

Email, download or save plan comment or plan approval letters to Documents

What's next?

After the plan review has been updated by the plans examiner, the client will be able to see the submittal again once you have Delivered the submittal under the Submittal Details

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