Review revision submitted online
  • 07 Jun 2022
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Review revision submitted online

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📧 To be able to accept plan review revisions online (from contractors or community members), request it be set up for your jurisdiction here.

Submittal Inbox

  • Under Submittals, click the Submittals Inbox tab to review any revisions submitted by external users
  • Click project name/permit to open the revision application
    Submittals, submittal inbox, revisions.png

Review application

Submittal application, view or download document.png

Accept revision or ask for more info

Revision submittal application, accept or needs more info.png

Needs info

Click Needs Info, then add the specific details of the additional information you are requesting from the applicant.

Submittal application, needs info button.png

Needs info modal for submittal inbox.png

The applicant will receive an email that looks similar to this:
Submittal application needs info, for jurisdiction user reference.png

Accept application

When you are ready to accept the application, click the Accept button:
Submittal application, accept button.png

If there are multiple approved plan reviews, you will be asked which plan review you are creating the revision on:
Select step for revision.png

Create revision on active step?

  • If you choose yes: The revision will be created in a new group with any step that is still pending or active.
  • If you choose no: The revision will be added to the same workflow step as the approved plan review.
    Create revision, continue currently active steps.png

Finish creating the submittal

Create submittal modal after accepting revision submittal.png

📄 A how-to guide for your clients

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