Result an inspection in IC 3.0
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Result an inspection in IC 3.0

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Article Summary

Open task

IC3 Scheduled task screen, select task.png

IC3 Select inspection to result.png

Is this a reinspection?

An asterisk ( * ) in front of an inspection indicates that it is a reinspection
IC3, an inspection is marked as a reinspection.png

Select a result

Learn more about the options on this screen here
IC3, Result inspections, select inspection results.png

Enter notes and add files

InspectorConnect, add notes and files to an inspection result.PNG

Add an existing photo or file

InspectorConnect, select a photo or file to add to inspection result.png

💡 Quick Tips
  • Inspection notes are optional
  • Inspection notes will be shared with the client or contractor in the inspection results email
  • Videos can be attached to the inspection (file type supported: .AVI)
  • If quick notes are enabled and configured for your jurisdiction, you can add quick notes to your inspection notes. Need quick notes set up for your jurisdiction? Reach out to and we can help you set quick notes up.
  • To quickly add inspection notes, add them via voice. When you open the keyboard, touch the mic key and start dictating your notes.
↔ Swipe to quickly move through multiple inspections on a stop

When there are multiple inspections in one task, you can swipe left and right on the screen to move between the tasks, like this:
Swipe to move between cases IC 3.0 inspections.gif

Submit inspection results

After resulting the inspection(s), go back to the task screen

IC3, Result an inspection, after resulting, go back.png

Then submit inspection results.
IC3, Result an inspection, submit results.png

Email inspection results

You can choose to email inspection results or submit the inspection results without sending an email
IC3, Result an inspection, email or no email result.png

If emailing results, choose from the list of email addresses added to the permit or add additional email recipients if they aren't listed.
IC3, Result an inspection, email recipients.png

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