Quick-Start Guide for Planning Inspectors
  • 01 Nov 2023
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Quick-Start Guide for Planning Inspectors

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Article summary

To get comfortable using CommunityCore, you will use the guides below to start walking through our system and understanding the processes you will be following most often as a Planning Inspector.

For Planning Inspectors, Left Navigation.png

Start Here

  1. How to get help
  2. How to search
  3. The Planning Grid

The Planning Workflow

  1. Planning Workflow Overview
  2. Update a Planning Workflow Step

Planning Inspections

At this time, planning inspections can't be managed or resulted in InspectorConnect.

  1. Planning: Inspections Actions
  2. Using the Planning Inspections Screen
  3. Planning: Schedule, Reschedule, and Cancel Inspections
  4. Result a Planning Inspection in CommunityCore
  5. Using the Planning Inspection History

Other Helpful Tips

  1. Using the Planning History
  2. About Planning Notes