Quick-start guide for permit techs
  • 03 Jan 2022
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Quick-start guide for permit techs

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Article Summary

To get comfortable using CommunityCore, you will use the guides (below) to start walking through our system and understanding the processes you will be following most often as a Permit Tech.

Start here

  1. How to get help
  2. How to use the Dashboard
  3. Quick tips on how to find a permit or application

Getting started with Applications & Permits

  1. How to enter a permit application
  2. How to edit permit details
  3. Understanding the Permit History

The Workflow

  1. How to assign workflow steps
  2. How to update the workflow status to advance the workflow
  3. Add, delete, or reorder workflow steps


  1. How to assess and pay fees
  2. How to download or email a Permit invoice
  3. How to enter a permit payment
  4. How to download a receipt

Issue a permit

  1. How to issue a permit and locate the permit document

Submittals and Plan Reviews

  1. How to create a submittal and plan review
  2. How to create a resubmittal
  3. How to create a plan review revision
  4. How to download or email a Plan Comment or Plan Approval Letter


  1. How to schedule, reschedule and cancel an Inspection from the dashboard
  2. How to add or remove an Inspection to the Inspection List
  3. How to result an inspection in CommunityCore
  4. How to view the inspection history
  5. How to resend inspection results
  6. How to view and add inspection notes in CommunityCore
  7. How to download or email an inspection card

Working with Contractors

  1. How to add a contracting company to CommunityCore
  2. How to add a contractor to a permit or project so they can view info in CommunityConnect

Misc Tips

  1. Generate and download reports
  2. All about Properties

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