Primary and Sub Permits
  • 09 Oct 2023
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Primary and Sub Permits

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Article Summary

Using Primary and Sub Permits in CommunityCore, you can easily link related permits together.

Designate a Permit as a Primary or Sub Permit

  • From a permit, click Details > General
  • Then select either Primary Permit or Sub Permit
    Permit, Details, General, Primary Permit or Sub Permit.png

View Primary/Subs on a Permit

View primary subs on a permit.png

Add a Sub Permit to a Primary Permit

You can add a sub permit to a primary permit by:
A. Adding an existing permit
B. Creating a new sub permit: The permit information, including job site address, will auto-populate on the new sub permit.
Primary subs, add existing or create sub permit.png

Remove a Sub Permit from a Primary Permit

Click the trash icon to remove a sub permit from a primary permit. This does not delete the primary permit. It just unlinks it from the primary permit.
Primary subs, remove sub permit from primary.png

What's Next

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