Planning History
  • 13 Oct 2023
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Planning History

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Article Summary

To view a detailed history of a planning application, click History:
About the Planning History.png

Quick Tips on Using the Planning History

  • The Planning History can be downloaded as an Excel document
    Planning History, download.png

What is logged in the history?

Actions taken by jurisdiction users:



  • Changes to workflow step or status
  • Workflow steps added
  • Workflow step re-opened
  • Workflow status email notification
  • Workflow step assignment changed
  • Changes to Plan Review or Submittal status
  • Submittal created or edited
  • Time entry added to a plan review
  • Plan review created or edited
  • Planning Application created and accepted

Fees and transactions

  • Fees assessed
  • Payments made
  • Invoice or receipt emailed
  • Refunds, fees waived, transactions voided


  • Inspection scheduled
  • Inspection resulted
  • Inspection results emailed
  • Inspection result is voided


  • Documents uploaded
  • Document emailed


  • Note added, edited or deleted

Actions taken by CommunityConnect (contractors or community members) users:

  • Application submitted
  • Document uploaded


CommunityConnect users (contractors or community users) do not have access to the planning history.


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