Place a Planning Application On Hold
  • 06 Nov 2023
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Place a Planning Application On Hold

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Article Summary

When a Planning Application is On Hold

  • Workflow step statuses cannot be changed
  • Submittals can’t be created
  • Inspections can’t be scheduled

How to Place Application On Hold

  • In the planning application, click the status dropdown under the planning number:
    Planning, In Progress, Place on Hold.png

  • Enter the reason for putting the application on hold (this will be logged in the Planning History)
    Place On Hold Reason.png

  • After placing the hold, you will see a button that says On Hold Details. Click to view details of the hold.
    Planning, On Hold Details.png

How to Lift On Hold Status

  • In the planning application click On Hold then Lift Hold
    Planning, lift hold dropdown.png

  • Enter the reason for lifting the hold status, then click OK
    Lift Hold Reason.png

Logged in the Planning History

  • When a planning application is put on hold or when a hold is lifted, the activity is tracked in the Planning History.