Overview: Online Users Can Apply For and Manage Business Licenses
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Overview: Online Users Can Apply For and Manage Business Licenses

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Article Summary

Optional: Allow Community Members to Apply for Business Licenses Online

  • If you have the new Business Licenses set up in CommunityCore, you can choose to allow Community Members to apply for and manage their business licenses online.
    CommunityConnect, Dashboard, Apply for a Business License.png

Community Members in CommunityConnect

  • Community Members can log in to CommunityConnect to manage their business licenses.
  • Community Members can view this guide and learn how to apply for and manage their business license in CommunityConnect.
    CommunityConnect, Business Licenses Screen.png

Give an Online User Access to Existing Business

  • If a business has been added to CommunityCore, you can give online users access to that business so they can apply for licenses for that business, renew their business license, download a license, or pay licensing fees.
  • Read more about how to add an Authorized Online User to an existing business.
    Businesses, Authorized Online User, Add Online User.png

Help a New Community Member Register for a CommunityConnect Account

  • Share the self-registration link with the community member who needs access to CommunityConnect so they can apply for a new business license online.

  • The self-registration link will look something like this (customized for your jurisdiction):
    Sample Self-Registration Link - Practice in Gotham.png

  • If you don't have the self-registration link for your jurisdiction, please reach out to us, let us know which jurisdiction you are from, and we will send it to you!

Review Business License Applications or Renewals Submitted Online


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