Optional User Permission: Add, Update, Delete Jurisdiction Contacts
  • 08 Mar 2024
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Optional User Permission: Add, Update, Delete Jurisdiction Contacts

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Article Summary

Optional User Permission

This is an optional user permission that can be enabled by the Support Team. After you have been given this permission, please log out of CommunityCore and then log back in to see the Contacts tab in the left navigation.

What are Jurisdiction Contacts?

When you add a jurisdiction contact, these contacts will show up on all permits, and/or planning applications, and/or business licenses when you are selecting who to send emails to:
Jurisdiction Contacts, Setup Email with Contacts.jpg

Add a Contact

In the left navigation, click Contacts > Add Contact:
Jurisdiction Contacts, Add Contact.jpg

Fill out the Add Contact fields:

  • Name and email are required, all other fields (a) are optional
  • (b) Select at least one Permit Kind: Where you want these contacts shown
    Jurisdiction Contacts, Add Contact Module.jpg

Delete a Contact

  • Click Contacts in the left navigation
  • Click the trash icon next to the contact you want to delete

Jurisdiction Contacts, Delete a Contact.jpg