Link a permit to an existing project
  • 05 Jul 2022
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Link a permit to an existing project

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Article Summary

Option 1

Link to a project from within a permit

Open the permit

Open a permit that you would like to link to a project. If a permit hasn't been created, you can create a new permit like this.

Select project to link

  1. Click Details
  2. Click General
  3. Select the project you are linking to the permit
    Select project in a permit.png

Option 2

Create or link a permit from a project

This option is available (only) on projects that have an approved, delivered submittal.

Open the project and approved submittal

  • In the project, click Submittals
  • Then select the Delivered, Approved submittal
    Project, submittals, open delivered, approved submittal.png

Create a permit or add to a permit

  • Select Create Permit to create a new permit with information from the project or
  • Select Add to Permit to add the project to an existing permit
    Projects, submittals, delivered approved submittal, create or link submittal.png


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