How to put a permit on hold
  • 01 Sep 2022
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How to put a permit on hold

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Article Summary

Any active permit can be put on hold. Expired or voided permits can be put on hold after they are reactivated.

How to put a permit on hold

In an active permit, click the In Progress button and select Place On Hold
Place a permit on hold, in progress, on hold.png

Enter reason for placing permit on hold
Place a permit on hold reason.png

What happens when you put a permit on hold?

  • No changes or updates can be made to the permit's workflow
  • New submittals or resubmittals cannot be created
  • Inspection requests can't be requested or accepted
  • Inspections can't be scheduled

How to lift an on hold status on a permit

Lift a hold on a permit.png

Lift hold on a permit reason.png

In the Permit History

Holds that are placed and lifted on a permit are logged in the permit history.
Permit holds logged in permit history.png

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