Export Grid Data to a CSV File
  • 20 Oct 2023
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Export Grid Data to a CSV File

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Article summary

Export grid data

To create a customized report, you can filter a Grid and then export the filtered data to a CSV file in Excel.

You can export a grid without filtering any columns. However, the export will support a maximum of 1000 rows, so filtering will help you not exceed that number. 😁

Export filtered permit grid.gif

Want to customize your export?

Any columns that are visible on your grid will be included in the exported. Want specific data in your export? Hide columns (uncheck) you don't want to see in the export. And show grid (check) columns you do want to see in the export.
Show or hide columns in a grid.png

This feature is available on most grids in CommunityCore! Keep an eye out for the Export icon image.png at the bottom of most Grids. You will see this option at the bottom, ride side of a grid. Or check out any of these screens to try it out:

  • Permits screen (all tabs)
  • Plan Review screen
  • Submittals screen (all tabs)
  • Projects screen
  • Businesses screen
  • Contractors screen
  • Properties screen

🏆 Pro Tip:

Exporting data from a customized and filtered grid is a great alternative to running a report:

  1. Filter a column or mutiple columns in a grid before you run the export

sort and filter permit grid

  1. Show or hide grid columns to get the data you want in your exported report.

Show or hide columns in a grid