Deny an application requiring more info
  • 30 Jan 2023
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Deny an application requiring more info

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Sometimes, after you send an application back to an applicant for "more information", the project either cancels or you never receive the info you need for the application. You can easily deny these applications to close them out.

View application

View applications awaiting info in the Applications tab, then select Awaiting Information in the dropdown.
Awaiting info dropdown.png

Click the application's address
Permits awaiting info.png

Deny application

In the application, click Deny Application
Permit awaiting info - deny application.png

Enter reason

Enter the reason for denying the application, then click Deny Application
Enter reason for denying application.png

Email to applicant

After the application is denied, an email, that includes the reason for denying, is automatically sent to the email applicat.

Permit application denied email.png

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