Create a New Case in InspectorConnect
  • 13 Nov 2023
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Create a New Case in InspectorConnect

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Article Summary

Create a new case

IC3 Create a new case.png

  • Select jurisdiction
  • Select violation(s)
    IC3, Create case, select jurisdiction and violations.png

  • Enter address
    IC3 Create case, enter address.png

You can also search for an address using:

  • Properties
  • Google Maps
  • GIS (if this has been configured for your jurisdiction)
    Address search when creating a new case in IC3

About address search
  • If your jurisdiction has GIS search enabled, the address search will use GIS and will also search properties in our system.
  • If GIS search is not enabled for your jurisdiction, you will still be able to search for addresses that are already in the system (addresses that exist in Properties in CommunityCore).

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