Copy a project
  • 11 May 2023
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Copy a project

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Article Summary

How to duplicate a project and submittal

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What is copied

The following information from the project will be copied:

  • Project details

    • City, state
    • Applicant name, email, phone number and relationship

  • Job details:

    • Use type
    • Estimated valuation (if available)
    • Improvement type
    • Construction type (if available)
    • Occupancy classification (if available)
    • Description of job
    • Billing type
    • Task code

  • Submittal details

    • Plan format
    • Location of plans
    • (Received date will default to "today")
    • Disciplines
    • Assigned to

💡 Times when you may consider copying a project
  • If you created a project in the wrong jurisdiction, you can copy it over to the correct jurisdiction.
  • Need a project deleted? Fill out this quick form to request the deletion.
  • If you are creating a project with information similar to a project that has already been created, you can copy the initial project to save time on data-entry.