Contractor Self-Registration, Automatic Acceptance
  • 23 Jun 2023
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Contractor Self-Registration, Automatic Acceptance

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Article Summary

🤚 This is an optional feature that can be enabled for your jurisdiction

To enable this feature, please review and then submit the applicable forms found here.

CommunityConnect, self-registration step 1.png

How it works

  • Contractors can self-register for a CommunityConnect account and create their contractor profile in your jurisdiction.
  • Contractors that self-register their company, will automatically have access to apply for permits online in your jurisdiction.

The Process

Request self-registration enabled

  • Fill out this quick form to enable contractor self-registration in your jurisdiction. After we enable this feature, we will send you a link that contractors and community members in your jurisdiction can use to register.

The self-registration link

  • After this feature has been enabled, we will send you the self-registration link that you can share with contractors and community members.

How a contractor self-registers

Remember: A contractor cannot self-register for a CommunityConnect account until this feature has been enabled for your jurisdiction.

How-to Guide for Contractors

If your contractors need a little help with the process of self-registering for an account, you can share this simple how-to guide with them.

  1. Click self-registration link
  2. Select the user type
  3. Enter email address
    Contractor self-registration.png

  1. Check email and click the confirmation link
    Contractor self-registration, email to contractor.png

  1. Enter company name
    Contractor self-registration, enter company name.png

  1. Enter company details and create a password
    Contractor self-registration, fill out registration details.png

  1. Log in to CommunityConnect and apply for a permit
    Contractor self-registration, registration complete.png

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