Complete a plan review
  • 18 Aug 2023
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Complete a plan review

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Article Summary

Open the plan review

To quickly get to the plan review assigned to you, select My Plan Reviews on the Dashboard.
My Plan Reviews on the Dashboard.png

Click the discipline name to go to the plan review.png

Click discipline name in submittal.png

Update a plan review.png

1. Add comments


  • Comments are public and are visible to a contractor or community member in CommunityConnect
  • Comments will be included in the plan comment letter4

2. Update plan review status

Plan review status options.png

3. Add time entry

Optional: if required by your office or jurisdiction

4. Upload redlined documents

Add documents to a plan review.png

View how-to guide on marking documents as Approved Plan Set

What's next?

Your plan review will be marked completed in the workflow once the submittal has been delivered. Read more here: Mark a plan review as delivered


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