CommunityConnect quick-start guide for jurisdictions
  • 12 Feb 2023
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CommunityConnect quick-start guide for jurisdictions

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Article Summary

Quick guide to get started

Allow contracting company to apply for a permit online

To allow a contracting company access to apply for permits online, in Contractors, click on the contracting company's name.
Contractors, click contracting company name

If the contractor and their contracting company has not been added to CommunityCore, view this guide for the steps to add them: How to add a contracting company to CommunityCore

Add a check in the box next to Can apply for Online Permits

Authorized online users

Add individual contractors (who will have access to CommunityConnect) as Authorized Online Users:
Authorized online users.png

Please note:
When you add a contractor to a company, they will automatically receive an email, giving them access to CommunityCore - they will need to click on the link in the email within 8 days to activate their account. If they do not receive an email, please guide them to check their spam folder.
Account setup email snippet

Watch for new Applications

Click the Applications tab
Permits, applications, submitted by external user

Accept or deny the application or request additional info
Permit application, actions, approve, deny, needs info

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