Choose a Navigation App to use in InspectorConnect
  • 13 Nov 2023
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Choose a Navigation App to use in InspectorConnect

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Article Summary

This feature is available for building inspectors and code enforcement officers in InspectorConnect.

Navigation apps that integrate with InspectorConnect

Select the app

The first time you choose to Map It, and navigation to the inspection stop, you can choose which navigation app (must be installed on your iPhone or iPad first) you would like to use for navigation.
Sprint 2, select mapping navigation for IC.png

💡 Remember...

The app(s) (Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze) must be installed on your device before you will see them as mapping app options in InspectorConnect.

Select a new mapping app

  1. Touch More

  2. Select App Settings
    InspectorConnect, more options, app settings.png

  1. Select the mapping app you would like to use
    InspectorConnect, app settings, mapping applications.png


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