Business Licenses: Enter a Payment
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Business Licenses: Enter a Payment

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Article Summary

After fees have been assessed, you can enter a payment.

  • From the business license, click Fees > Actions > Enter Payment:
    Business Licenses, Fees, Actions, Enter Payment.png

  • Select fees to pay and click Continue
    Business License Fees, Select Fees Modal.png

  • Enter payment details
    • Enter payment amount
    • Enter payer name
    • Select payment method
  • Click Submit Payment
    Business Licenses, Enter Payment Module.png

After submitting the payment, you can choose to:

  • Return to fees
  • Email a receipt
  • Download a receipt
    Payment Successfully Saved Modal.png

Download or Email a Receipt Later

After a payment has been made, you can also download a email a receipt from the Transactions screen.