Assess Contractor License Fees
  • 11 Mar 2024
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Assess Contractor License Fees

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Article Summary

If your jurisdiction charges contractor license fees, those fees can be assessed and marked as paid in CommunityCore.

Open the Contractor's profile

In the left navigation, click Contractors, then select the company name:
Contractors, Click Contractor Name.jpg

Assess Fees

In the left navigation, click Fees > Actions > Assess Fees:
Contractor, Fees, Assess Fees.jpg

Select Fee(s)

Select fee(s) to assess then click OK:
Contractor Fees, Assess Fees Module.jpg

Link Fees with a Pending License

  • If your jurisdiction has enabled online contractor licensing, you will see this option.
  • When you associate fees with a license, the license will require payment to be entered before the license can be issued.

Select the License associated with the fee(s) you just assessed, then click Continue:
Contrators, Associate Fee with License.jpg

Finish Reviewing License Application

If your jurisdiction has enabled online contractor licensing, you will see this option.

After you assess fees and associate them with a pending license, you will see the Fees Associated and the Status change to Pending Fee Payment, like this:
Contractor License, Fees Associated, Status, Pending Fee Payment.jpg

Approve the Application

If you are ready to approve the requirements in the license application, click Actions > Approve:
Contrator License Application, Fees Associated, Actions, Approve.jpg

Then, you will see a message like this. Click Yes if you want the license to be issued (and emailed to the contractor) after all fees are paid:
Contractor License, Do you want to issue license after fees are paid.jpg

In CommunityConnect: Pending Payment

In CommunityConnect, if you have approved the license application and have assessed fees, and associated them with the license, the contractor will see these messages:
CommunityConnect, Contractor License, Pending Payment, Dashboard.jpg

CommunityConnect, Licenses, Pending Fee Payment.jpg