Add or Edit Inspection Description and Comments
  • 07 Apr 2024
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Add or Edit Inspection Description and Comments

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Article summary

The edit icon next to an inspection allows you to:

Add or Edit Inspection Description or Comments

You can provide more details about a specific inspection by adding an inspection description and inspection comments.

  • In a Permit or Planning Application, click Inspections in the left navigation
  • Click the edit icon next to the inspection you want to add a description or comments to
    Inspections, Edit Icon, Inspection Comments and Description.png

  • Update the Description field and/or Comments field
    Edit Inspection Description or Comments Modal.png

View Description or Comments in CommunityCore

View inspection comments or description.jpg

View/Edit Description or Comments in InspectorConnect

Please note: Currently, Planning Inspections cannot be managed in InspectorConnect.

Edit or view inspection description or comments in InspectorConnect.png

Remove Description or Comments

To remove the description or comments, just delete the text entered:
Remove inspection description or comments.gif

Inspection Results Email

  • The Description will show on the inspection results email
  • The Comments will not show on the inspection results email

Inspection description in inspection results email.jpg

What Users See in CommunityConnect

Contractors and Community Members in CommunityConnect:

  • Can view the inspection description
  • Cannot view the inspection comments

Tracked in the History

When you add, edit, or remove the inspection description, the action is tracked in the Permit or Planning Application History.
History, inspection description and comments.jpg