Add a Workflow Step
  • 10 Aug 2023
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Add a Workflow Step

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Article Summary

Workflow Actions

In the Permit Workflow, click Actions > Add Step
Workflow, actions, add step.png

Add a step

  1. Search for the step you would like to add
  2. Click the search icon
  3. Select the step you would like to add
  4. Rename step (optional)
    Copy workflow step modal.png

Select step position

Workflow, select step position.png

New step is added

New workflow step added.png

You can still make adjustments to the workflow! You can delete the step and start over or re-order the step within the open groups in the workflow.

Tips: The flexibility of the workflow

Even if a workflow step has never been created, you can search for a step that is similar and then rename the step. This can be useful if you need to add a new step to a workflow that you might only use a couple of times, but don't want to have an entirely new workflow created from scratch.