About Planning Documents
  • 08 Feb 2024
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About Planning Documents

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Article Summary

Uploaded and System-Generated Documents

Document Screen Tour

  1. Edit Document Details: Edit document name, type, add notes, mark as approved plans, share externally, and more.
  2. Email Documents: Easily email one or multiple documents. When a document is emailed from CommunityCore, the action is logged in the Planning History.
  3. Approved Plans Icon
  4. External Column: If a document has a checked "external" checkbox, a user with access to the planning application will be able to view this document in CommunityConnect. For Plan Review Documents, the submittal must be "Delivered" before an external user has access to the document in CommunityConnect.

Planning Documents Tour.png

Edit Document Details

After a document has been uploaded, you can still edit details about the document.
Edit Document Details in Planning Documents Grid.png

When editing a document:

  1. Document Name: Update the document name
  2. Document Type: Change the document type
  3. Submittal: Link it to a different submittal (if it has been selected as a "Plan Review" document type).
  4. Notes: Notes are also visible to the external user in CommunityConnect.
  5. Share External: User with access to the planning document, will be able to view the document in CommunityConnect.
  6. Approved Plan Set: Indicate that the documents are part of the approved plan set.

Edit Planning Document.png

Sort, Filter & Customize Grid

As with other Grids in CommunityCore, you can sort and filter data and customize this grid. In the grid you can:

  • Sort or filter any column
  • Add/remove columns
  • Resize columns
  • Reorder columns

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